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The Association for Professionals Treating Eating Disorders  
The Association of Professionals Treating Eating Disorders (APTED)
offers  information to individuals and professionals on:
  •   Directory:  For Treatment Programs, Clinicians, Doctors
Association of Professionals Treating Eating Disorders (APTED)
  •   Psychotherapy Referrals:  Therapists, Physicians,
    Nutritionists for Individuals and Family Members Suffering from
    Eating Disorders and Eating Disorder Resources
  •   Professional Development: Trainings, Supervisions Groups,
    Conferences for Professionals Working with Eating Disorders
Please Note: APTED does not specifically endorse any one program or
treatment provider; our phone numbers and information are only as
accurate as the resources that we drew them from.
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Treatment Center
(Formerly Known as
the APTED Low-Fee

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APTED is located in San Francisco, and includes this information for
San Francisco and the San Francisco Bay Area. We also offer
information on residential treatment programs outside of California
Binge Eating
Compulsive Overeating
Eating Disorders NOS
Weight Disorders
Chronic Dieters
Night Eating Syndrome
Types of Eating Disorders
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**APTED Therapy Groups - March 2013**
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APTED Sliding Scale Specialty Clinic
3195 California St, San Francisco, CA 94115
For more information about APTED groups, or to schedule an intake,
call 415-931-6090
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